Crazy Start to my Easter Break!

It’s already after 12:30, but I am writing about what happened yesterday, which I do not count as yesterday until I wake up in the morning, so basically for me it is still today.

Plans can change on a whim, so one has to always be ready to make adjustments to best fit the situation. Thus is the case with where and with whom I will be spending my Easter holiday/break with. My original plans included me going to stay with my mom’s cousin’s family in her hometown for the break, but the cousin’s mother-in-law passed away recently and they are still getting over having the funeral yesterday. The mother had been living in a vegetative state for over 17 years, and over the last few years she had lost her senses of sight and hearing, so basically the only thing keeping her alive was the fact that she could breathe alone.

After I had found out that I would not be able to spend the holidays with them, which I was sort of looking forward to and I’m sure my second cousin’s seven-year old daughter was looking forward to it even more, but I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities for me to visit. As soon as I found out, I immediately called the family friends who live in town and who have become like my second family while I am here to ask if I would still be able to spend the holidays with them. They even invited me to come stay the night starting with tonight, so I quickly packed the things I would need for the next five days and headed over. Another reason as to why I called them immediately after is because before they even knew my plans for where I would be spending my Easter, they invited me to spend it with them if I had no one else to spend it with.

On a more positive note, my teacher today decided to give us a lesson in the traditions of the Polish Easter, and surprised us by bringing in a traditional cake type dessert, but less sweet. It was a welcome treat at the last few minutes before we were let out for break because she decided to serve us about ten minutes before the end of class. Next, my history class went like usual, but in my theater class there are usually around 30 people who come, but today we were only a group of 13. This small class size allowed us to finish discussing the play we will be performing and what things we would be using from what movies.

The weather over the last few days has been colder than the rest of my stay in Poland. It was even so cold today that it was basically snowing during a few parts of the day, with one point of the day the snow falling horizontally instead of vertically. Also, last night there was a really bad thunderstorm, which I did not even know was happening.

Other than the change of plans, it should be a well-rested and well-enjoyed holiday break. My family has always celebrated a Polish Easter, so I have no idea what the American Easter traditions are, but as Sunday approaches, I will explain the traditions/customs of the holiday more and you guys can inform me about some of the Easter customs from your home country, whether it be America or Australia. That’s all for today/yesterday, so I’ll update again tomorrow.


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