Relaxing First Day of Easter Break

Today was a nice break from my crazy, normal week. This is because it was a relaxing and rather laid back day, which I do not get when I am in my dorm room or during a normal week. Again, for some reason I am writing this after midnight.

Normally during the week I have to wake up at 6:00 or 9:30 in the morning depending on what day of the week it is and I usually don’t/can’t fall asleep until well after midnight, so my body does not get the adequate amount of sleep that it needs. This is even true on the weekends, because my one of my roommates usually wakes up around 9 or I have to wake up at like 8 or so to use the bathroom and as hard as I try to fall back asleep until about 11, I can’t, so I basically do not get enough sleep. During the week, on the nights that I know I have to wake up early the next morning, I try to go to sleep around 10:30 or so, but my roommates are still up and they like to leave the lights on, so I usually can’t fall asleep until at least one of them goes to sleep after midnight.

I told you this because last night I got to sleep in my own room, with no distractions to keep me awake either during the night or in the morning (even though I went to sleep well after midnight – that may have had something to do with it as well) and I slept in until noon. It was really nice. It seems that the later I go to sleep, the faster and easier I am able to fall asleep. In addition, it seems as if writing this blog has begun to help me to fall asleep faster/earlier because I am able to get the thoughts/happenings of my day out of my brain, which allows it to be nearly empty and for me not to have any thoughts circulating around my brain to think about before bed.

Before I woke up, the family friend’s daughter came over with her five-month old son and they stayed for a few hours, so it was nice to hang out with them and play with the baby. Also, the friend’s mom came over and we decided to make this type of dessert, even though I did not help at all with it, unlike when we decided to make mini pierogies for a party the friend’s were hosting the next day.

After they all left, which was around 4:30 or so, the friend had to teach a two-hour English lesson, so I had some time to myself to relax. Later in the evening, the friend’s other daughter came over¬†with her husband¬†because she had to find some documents for the job that she will soon be starting. After they had found the documents, we ate kolacja, which is like the american lunch,but during dinner time. This is because the Polish eat their dinner during our lunchtime. After we finished eating, I had the rest of the evening to myself.

All in all, today was a nice, relaxing day that is a nice respite from my normal day-to-day life of attending classes and doing homework. Today was Holy Thursday, but in the Catholic Church, one is not necessarily required to attend a mass, but it is optional and it is the mass where random people, at least in the parish I attend at home, get their feet washed by the priest to symbolize Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. The mass is to symbolize the last supper that Jesus had with his disciples and it is the last mass before the Easter vigil mass that takes place the night before Easter, even though a church can have a prayer service of Good Friday, having a full on mass is not appropriate. Tomorrow is Good Friday, which means fasting and abstaining from meat, which I will explain further in tomorrow’s post and more about the Easter traditions of the Polish culture as Sunday approaches quickly, but today is too late for me to explain it, so I will on either Saturday or Sunday. Good night!